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What Is A Psychiatric Affected Person?

What Is A Psychiatric Affected Person?

A study of psychiatry's diagnostic manual will affirm this for anybody who cares to look.

Examples of nuances of human behavior and the ups and downs of dwelling re-categorized as an "illness" requiring remedy include:
- Seasonal Anxiousness Dysfunction (feeling "blue" at Christmas).
- Dyspraxia (the tendency of children to be clumsy)
- Sexual Addiction (the tendency of some folks to be sexually overactive or unethical)
- Despair (feeling down after a loss, redundancy and so on.)

You are mentally in poor health if a psychiatrist says you are mentally ill. All that is required so that you can be labeled mentally ailing is for a psychiatrist to provide that opinion. He does not have to supply, and can't produce, any scientifically confirmed yardstick or clear consistent definition of each so-called mental disorder. He cannot produce and isn't required to supply any diagnostic standards for adjudging that you've got a disorder.

Psychiatrists are busy adding new "disorders" to their list as fast as they can dream them up.

Psychiatrists lengthy ago discovered that they could dream up disorders at will with out the need for any true science behind them and get away with or not it'scause there was in actual fact no unbiased body monitoring and scrutinizing their strategies and guaranteeing they measured up to rigorous scientific standards. Psychiatry Phillipines had been operating thus with impunity and was consequently completely entrenched, for a hundred years earlier than anybody had the wisdom to topic it to scrutiny and located its scientific credentials to be bogus. (I refer you to the history of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights).

Based mostly on his "diagnosis" of your situation, the psychiatrist can then begin "treatment." Such therapy nowadays usually involves the administering of highly effective mind-altering medication that do irreparable damage to the mind and nervous system and produce a slew of disagreeable side effects. Such treatment earns income for the psychiatrist. He can't make money unless he diagnoses you as having an sickness that should be treated.

If you refuse therapy? Well, that is a disorder too, requiring treatment.

The psychiatrist can at all times drive you to bear treatment. He has the legal energy to commit anybody for as long as he see match, simply based mostly upon his unsubstantiated diagnosis (opinion) that it's "for our personal good."

After you have been labeled mentally ailing, you surrender your liberties and human rights to the fingers of psychiatry. Basically you have had it.

What occurs to a psychiatric affected person?

If you turn out to be a psychiatric affected person you're administered one or more of the next:
Drugs to supply a malleable, zombie-like condition
ECT: Electro Convulsive Therapy, to provide a malleable zombie-like condition
Lobotomy: to produce a malleable, zombie-like condition.

The disturbingly bizarre conduct we generally see in psychiatric patients is almost always caused by the mind-damaging TREATMENT they have received in psychiatric arms and NOT an alleged mental illness.